Puncak Harapan ~
Mt. Kinabalu Sabah
25th April 2017

About Us

Encompassed in an unyielding passion of philanthropy, Dato Dr. Arunan Selvaraj and his team – the Rainbow team, have thus far, combined their continuous efforts with multifarious NGOs on several charitable projects, to raise funds for the benefit of the less fortunate. 

A prominent project carried out by the Rainbow Team, was their trek to the top of the world – the Everest Base Camp, which had successfully raised a total of RM 150,000.00. The Rainbow Team triumphed the arduous feat of trekking 4, 1000 meters high to the Everest Base Camp, its intention being, to create awareness for the cancer patients at the National Cancer Council in Malaysia (MAKNA).

The Rainbow Team subsequently carried out several other projects including but not limited to: a Trek to Mount Kamchatka and 'Jom Botak' , raising funds of over RM300,000.00, as well as, 'Movember- the Ultimate Shave Off' , that had raised over RM200,000.00. These projects have received nothing less than a widespread of positive feedback from the media, and all the proceeds were siphoned towards the well-being of cancer patients.  

In its effort for continuous progression coupled with their ravenous appetite for adventure, the Rainbow Team continues to organise activities, with their underlying aspiration to support and bolster the spirits of the less fortunate. 
Their upcoming project is entitled “Puncak Harapan”, a Trek to Mount Kinabalu scheduled in April 2017, with its aim to aid the Selangor and Federal Territory Association for the Mentally Handicapped (SAMH) - a charitable organisation established in 1964, serving an approximated figure of 340 mentally challenged children and adults, ranging from the tender ages of 3 to matured 50 year olds.

SAMH equips the mentally disabled with training and tutelage, in its pursuit to sharpen their living skills and level of self-sufficiency, as well as, to prepare them for the trials and tribulations of seeking employment. SAMH further acts as a permanent placement, for trainees that are unable to secure employment.

An element of uniqueness is riveted in The Puncak Harapan project, as it will be executed via a team encompassed of 14 enthused climbers, including the participation of 4 students and 2 teachers from the SAMH.

In addition to its ulterior motive to secure monetary gains for charity, the Rainbow Team desires to use this project as a means to promote social awareness to the common populace, and to instill a sense of confidence and tenacity in the hearts and minds of the mentally handicapped students.

The “Rainbow Team” – an amalgamation of being physically decorated in outfits comprising of the variegated hues of the rainbow and a borne significance of being a rainbow, within the murky clouds of the less fortunate.